New trends in retail commerce

RetRail’s aim is to introduce retail SMEs in the world of digital business innovation and help them to keep up with their larger counterparts to boost their sales. This project will allow companies to: 

Upgrade employees’ skillset on both digital and on-site tasks. 

Shorten the digital skills gap between SMEs and corporations.

Owners, managers and trainers of retail SMEs will be up to date on the most important innovations of the sector.

VET teachers and institutions will have a new innovative curriculum at their disposal.

By providing the RetRail project’s results for free, smaller companies will get a great push up, the gap between them and their wealthier competitors will get shorter, and there will be a greater balance in the overall know-how in the digital retail field. 


  • Businesses will escape from the stereotypical image of a small company that has limited, if no, skills in digital activities. 

    • A digital upskilling will instantly boost the company’s reputation and circle of outreach, with the consumer audience viewing it as a company that looks forward, embraces innovation. 

    • The program aspires to bring an overall upgrade to the country’s retail sector 

    Three ways of achieving it

    Guide: for shop managers or owners

    e-learning course: for retail employees 

    Training: for VET or Company Trainers 

    About RetRail

    RetRail is a transnational project which teaches small retail businesses to keep up with technological evolution and new consumer trends, making them more competitive in an ever-changing market. 

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